Errand Running FAQs

Our errand running business is a simple service, with endless possibilities.

How do I start?

At first we talk through your needs and preferences and build a bespoke plan for you.

When do you work?

Our core hours are Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, but we can operate outside of these hours on request.


Is the service safe?

All our team are DBS checked and the business is fully insured.

Is there anything you don't do?

We do not do any activity that is illegal or that could endanger our employees, customers or the general public.

How do I pay?

One off customers will be expected to pay at the time of service. Regular customers can be invoiced monthly.

We know you’re probably working really hard to provide support to your loved ones and being there for them as much as you can.


But we also know the reality of a modern care giving role is incredibly challenging – juggling many competing priorities and emotions, often at the expense of your own wellbeing.


Our Connect service is designed to take a little pressure away from you, whilst offering heartfelt and meaningful conversations and connections for your loved ones.


Through our Connect service, your loved one is matched with a caller who shares their interests, and who will listen compassionately and converse wholeheartedly – helping tackle the risks of isolation and loneliness.


All our callers are excellent, patient communicators, dedicated to ensuring your loved ones are checked in on, listened to wholeheartedly and engaged with respectfully.


Our service is designed to support unpaid family caregivers as well as your loved ones.


The service can also be an entry point to a more traditional personal care package – which we can also offer through our award winning domiciliary care service, Cura Homecare.


What happens if you call and no one answers?

We will agree with you the response to this situation, for example it could be for us to try again later, alert you or another family member or call a neighbour.


Can I use this Connect service alongside traditional homecare?

If you are a Cura Homecare customer you absolutely can. We can build care packages that include a mixture of personal visits as well as a call check-in/ conversation. For example, your elderly parents may need physical help getting out of bed in the morning and getting back to bed in the evening but perhaps they just need a quick call at lunchtime to remind them to take their medication and make sure they are OK. We can arrange for this.


Are your call handlers carefully selected?

Yes, all our call team are carefully selected for their patience, compassion and listening skills. They are also all subject to criminal record checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service.


Is there a minimum contract length?

No, all plans are prepaid on a monthly basis and collected via direct debit. They can be cancelled at any time.

Telephone companionship and check-in FAQs

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