Keeping you connected with your community

Our Connect service launched in 2019 and was designed primarily to support those people that did not need personal care, but were perhaps beginning to struggle to stay connected to the community and suffering from loneliness and isolation.


Cura Connect offers an errand running service and a telephone befriending and check in service.


Errand running

We are happy to help in any way we can, here are just a few suggestions of specific tasks our errand running service can do for you:

  • Do your grocery shopping

  • Collect perscriptions

  • Order flowers or gifts

  • Post parcels

  • Return unwanted items

  • Walk your dog

  • Take your pet to the vets


Our standard rate is £20 per hour, with a one hour minimum charge and £5 per 15 minutes thereafter. Price includes a 5 mile mileage allowance. Additional miles are charged at 45 pence per mile.

Telephone check-in and befriending

Our unique telephone check-in and befriending service offers a range of monthly subscription plans, where you can arrange for your loved ones to receive regular calls, as a way of encouraging them to do important things, such as taking their medication or eating properly, but most importantly to have a good old chat. 


This is perfect if your loved ones are not in need of physical support, but you're worried they may be at risk of isolation or loneliness, or perhaps just getting a little forgetful.

Our call packages can make contact up to three times per day, seven days per week. This is not a cold, transactional call, we work hard to match our Connect team with each client, so they can build up great relationships and look forward to their time talking together.


Each call is at least five minutes long and we make sure we update family members regularly.

Some use our Connect service on it's own. Others use it to complement the support they get through our in home care team, perhaps having physical visits in the morning and evening and a call at lunchtime.

Connect call packages

1. Connect one 

One call per week at a time to suit you. £14.99 per month

2. Connect two

Three calls per week at a time to suit you. £42.99 per month

3. Connect three

One call per day, seven days per week. £99 per month

4. Connect four 

Two calls per day, seven days per week. £189 per month

5. Connect five

Three calls per day, seven days per week. £249 per month

Bespoke packages available, contact us to discuss.

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